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Our Deck!  
07:39pm 21/09/2011
Cats on Mars





It is amazing! I am so impressed! I can't wait till my birthday when we break it in properly!
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Hey Dog People!!!!  
10:52am 05/09/2011
Cats on Mars
Boomer has this awful digging habit and has dug up our yard in 4 or 5 places. We fill in the holes and she digs them up again. Short staying outside with her every time she wants out (something I am not exactly keen on) are there any suggestions to break this habit?
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(no subject)  
10:40pm 25/08/2011
Cats on Mars
I think of all the celebrities who have passed away in my lifetime I am most sore about losing Jim Henson. I am pretty sure he is one of the greatest human beings to ever walk this planet. No one and I mean NO ONE can write songs, make movies and create a sense of wimsy the way he could.

That is all.
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My Boys  
11:48pm 10/08/2011
Cats on Mars

The Boys by ~angryangie on deviantART

Nix, Fer, Bourbon and Rossdale.

My boys ^__^
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You know what kicks so much ass?  
10:33pm 28/07/2011
Cats on Mars
Our chimney is DONE! Done I say!!!!! No more trashy blue tarp! You hear that? NO. MORE. TRASHY. TARP.

Our chimney is done and we have a brand new roof and enough money left over to pay for the majority of a new deck and fence!

This calls for a drink!

Oh and get this. Ben was out back the other day and annoying neighbor lady comes out (like she does) and says "I see you have a new roof" Ben replies "yeah they really did a great job on it!" and she says in her usual tone, "Well as long as YOU like it that's all the matters I guess."

What the fuck?

Oh well, screw her because we have a fixed chimney and a new roof and hopefully soon a nice tall privacy fence so we'll never have to deal with her again! WOOOOOO!!!!!!
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The game is a cake and the cake is a lie and the green grass grew all around  
10:43am 20/07/2011
Cats on Mars
There is a shit-storm of hate, confusion and sorrow in the Megaman fandom this past Monday when Capcom announced they were cancelling the long awaited Megaman Legends 3 project.

It's shocking and sad for so many reasons, the first and foremost (in my opinion) being the fan involvement. Through the The Megaman Network I followed the progress of the game's prototype development and saw things like design contests and fan input polss on character design, names and all kinds of stuff. It was like it was going to be OUR game. Made for us by us (well, at least made with our input). And here we are with nothing. All that time wasted. It's like we helped mom bake a cake and not only were we not offered a slice of the finished product but half way through the process she just up and dumped the batter all down the garbage disposal.

The cake was a lie or at least a very cruel tease.

Megaman Legends is easily one of the most popular titles in the Megaman franchise among the fans. Back when a new Megaman game meant just 8 new Robot Masters/Mavericks and a new, admittedly shallow, scheme cooked up by Dr. Wily/Sigma, Legends offered us something entirely different. First of all, it was the first non-side scrolling Megaman game out on the market. It was easy to play--meaning I wasn't running into corners and walls the entire time as I so often do on those types of games. It actually had an interesting story. Let's face it, Dr. Wily can only try to take over the world so many times before his schtick gets old and the same can be said for Sigma. But the world of Legends, with its Air Pirates and Diggers (treasure hunters/archaelogists) was something totally new. The game played sort of like an RPG in that you actually explore a world that gradually expands as the game progresses rather than go linear stage by linear stage. It was great. I'm not saying the previous titles were trash, certainly not, I'm just saying this was a breath of fresh air and a much needed one at that.

So why? Why cancel a game that is almost guaranteed to be a success? Well, the official word from Capcom is simply that the game did not reach the needed criteria for them to continue on with it. What? Soooo extreme excitement in the fandom over the title, almost guaranteed success and ass-tons of money aren't part of the criteria or something? It seems like a shallow reason and a lie to be honest after all the work that's been put into it. I'm not going to speculate on what the "real" reason is. At this point it doesn't really matter, does it? The point is, the game is cancelled and that sucks big pendulous dinosaur balls.

The reaction throughout the Megaman community has been pretty much the same-- disappointment. It's just the levels of disappointment that seem to vary. Some people are calling this the death of Megaman. Uuuuum... I wouldn't go that far just yet, guys. As a near 20 year fan I've seen longer spells of silence in the series, as others have already mentioned.

Others still are calling for a boycott of all things Capcom. Personally, I feel this is a bad idea. If we stop buying Capcom (or at least Megaman) products, be they games, figures, books whatever then we REALLY won't get our game. Personally Capcom, as far as games go, lost me a long time ago. They have long since stopped putting out anything that has really interested me. The last game I bought was Tatsunoko vs Capcom and admittedly, that was just for Zero and my interest in Marvel vs Capcom 3 was for the same reason. (I never bought that game though... never got around to it...) Point being, TvC was the first Capcom game I bought in nearly a decade. That's how disinterested I've been in their games.

I'm still going to buy Megaman figures, art books, clothing etc and keep my subscription to Archie's MM comic (which is great, you all should really check it out) because I love Megaman. I love him and all his crazy cousins. He was my childhood and is my adulthood. He spans more than games and to act all butt-hurt over this and boycotting the company and/or franchise is just childish.

This is not the death of Megaman. If we've learned anything from Megaman it's that he doesn't know how to stay dead... okay well maybe that's more Zero... but you get my point. Who knows, maybe there's something more (and dare I say better) in store down the road. Okay, maybe that's being overly optimistic, but I doubt this is the end.

Till then I think our best bet is to just let Capcom know with e-mails, forum posts, letters, whatever that we are disappointed at the project's cancellation and implore them to reconsider. It might not help but it certainly couldn't hurt and it would be much more productive than just drowning in our tears.
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Josh Groban Will Murder You With His Voice  
02:07pm 14/07/2011
Cats on Mars
When I tell people I like Josh Groban I usually get one of two responses. The first being, "Really?! I wouldn't have guessed." Which makes me wonder, what would you have guessed? And the second being, "Who's Josh Groban?" For those of you who would have answered the second; you bite your tongue! You bite your tongue and bleed! Who is Josh Groban? Josh Groban is a golden-voiced angel sent down from heaven to deliver platinum albums unto us! That's who Josh Groban is!

By now you can probably tell that I reeeeally like this guy's music. Well, I do. And don't you f*cking forget it! So you can probably imagine my elation when back in the waning days of winter I happened to hear a commercial advertising that his latest tour was making a stop at Conseco Field House in Indy. As the commercial played I turned to see my husband staring blankly at the TV screen with a look of pure dread creeping across his face. Oh yeah, he knew what was going down.

When the commercial ended I didn't even have to ask, he turned, sighed and said "I'll buy you tickets." Take notes people as this is the proper response to this and all situations like it. And buy he did. 2 floor level seats not even 50 feet from the stage.

I decided that since most people my age that I know of (save for Emanuela) aren't really into his music I decided to give my mom the other ticket for Mother's Day.

So fast forward a few months and it's concert time!

Our seats were, like I said, on the floor about 50 feet from the main stage right on the aisle. Behind us about 10 feet was a second stage which I thought was the sound stage where the audio tech would be mixing. I was wrong. The concert started and the house lights dimmed and we were all staring at the front stage waiting for him to appear like the great and mysterious (and rather goofy looking) musical god he is. Suddenly there were screams and cheers coming from behind us. We turn around and holy shit! There he is, not 10 feet from me on the "sound" stage playing a piano like a mother f*cking boss!

The quality of the concert itself quickly exceeded my already high expectations and in a matter of moments I was a swooning little... pardon the term... Grobanite. One thing I was not expecting during the concert was for him to be so personable with the crowd. Most of the concerts I've been to the performer may occasionally talk to the crowd once or twice but Josh regularly chatted with his audience throughout the whole show and by the time it was over it wasn't so much a concert but an evening hanging out with Josh Groban where he sang some songs every so often. And that, my friends, is not a complaint.

A couple items of note-- His voice quality live is flawless. He sounds just as good if not better than on his recordings. So many artists these days doll up their voice in the studio or distort it with that vomitous creation known as "auto tune" that when they are live they sound horrible. Not here. This guy is 100% genuine and as the title states, will murder you with his glorious angel voice. If there were angels they would all sound like him....even the girl ones.

He likes to wander around in the crowd which was wonderful for me since I was so close to the stage and right on the aisle. There were a couple times he walked right by me smiling and waving and thanking everyone for coming out and was mere inches from me. It took all my restraint not to be "that girl" and clobber him with my adoration. Instead I just smiled as wide as my face would let me and applauded with the rest of the crowd as he walked by. Now just a few rows up from me was a little 6-year-old girl. At one point he stopped to talk to her and she said he was her favorite singer. He asked "Would you like to come up on stage with me?" and she shook her head and replied in an adorably bashful voice, "NNnnnnooooo." "Well would you come up on stage with me if your mommy came too?" he asked. Mommy is holding her daughter frantically nodding and saying "Yes, yes, yes!" unfortunately the child's response was still "Nnnoooo." and he said "Well okay, but if you change your mind you tell me." The child did not at any point change her mind, much to her mother's dismay I am sure.

His show is just flashy enough to accentuate his vocal performance. There were no fancy pyrotechnics, to super crazy lasers, no gigantic jumbo tron in the background, just a white set piece that was meant to resemble ancient ruins upon which a tech would project various background images (like the Brooklyn Bridge when he sang Bells of New York City). That's it. Just him, his mini orchestra and the wall. It was a nice touch but not distracting. And he is funny. Seriously, if ever the singing doesn't work out for him he could continue on as a stand up comic and be just as successful. He can also play the drums. I was aware of his magnificence on the piano but drums too? Funny, sings, plays piano AND drums... what will you do next Mr. Groban? This:


Sweet jebus man! All you need to do is bake me a cake and I'll be yours forever.... whether you want me or not. And I've already cleared this with Ben. He's fine with it so long as Josh pays our bills.

I was also amazed at the variety of people in the crowd. Honestly I was expecting just a bunch of old ladies but I was wrong. People of all ages where there. Just behind me were 3 young men who were likely in their early 20's (and no they were not there with their girlfriends), there were old couples, entire families with kids as young as six (like I mentioned earlier) and teenagers! Groups of teenaged girls! I kid you not. They swarmed the souvenir stand and bought Groban T-shirts by the arm load! I did not buy a shirt... I feel that's a little silly to walk around with his face plastered to my chest......................... I bought a tote bag instead and yes I am carrying it now.

My biggest concern of the night though, was that my mom had a good time. And I am most happy to say she did. She, to my surprise, had never been to a concert before so I am happy that this was her first one. He sang her favorite song, 'You Raise Me Up', as part of his encore performance and she was thankfully able to hear and understand him. (My mom is deaf and needs hearing aids) On our way home when I asked if she could hear him she said "Yeah, most of the time. But some of his songs, I could hear him sing but I didn't understand what he was saying... Like that song with all the heavy drum beats..." I paused and thought, "Well, that song was in Portugese." "Oooooh well that explains that."

It was a great night and an unforgettable concert. And when he comes back to Indy you'd better believe I'll be buying tickets.
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10:38pm 24/06/2011
Cats on Mars
Ayes 33, nays 29. NEW YORK LEGALIZES SAME SEX MARRIAGE!!!!!!! this calls for a drink and some dancing!!!! Way to go New York!!!!!!!


6 states down, 44 to go... it's a long road be we can do it!!!!! Marriage Equality for everyone, everywhere!!!!!
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Not gonna quote Lady Gaga...  
02:16pm 12/06/2011
Cats on Mars
Apparently June is National Pride Month (It actually really is... I googled it lol). So to all my LGBT friends out there I ♥ you...you're perfect just as you are and I wouldn't have you any other way. Now let's get you some much needed equal rights.
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Origin story  
11:30am 07/05/2011
Cats on Mars
I'm pretty certain it is common knowledge that I like to draw and I will be so bold as to say that I'm not half bad at it. It was the first real talent I discovered. I was in 8th grade Religion class (yes we had religion class... it was a Catholic school after all lol) and we were reading for leisure to kill the last few minutes or so of class.

Mrs. Lindemeyer was walking up and down the rows of students when she stopped near my desk and picked up a bookmark that had fallen. This bookmark was a homemade job and had a sketch of a carousel horse on it.

"Whose bookmark is this?" she asked... the tone in her voice was very intrigued.

I looked up, horrified to see it was mine and the whole class now saw that god-awful doodle. I raised my hand and reluctantly claimed it. As she handed it back to me she asked if I drew the carousel horse on it.

"Yeah, it's a horse from one of my music boxes," I explained nervously (seriously, I was freaked out-- Everyone staring at possibly the first drawing I recall doing.)

What she said next floored me. "That's really good! You're very talented."

Wait, what? It's good? I did something good? I remeber I used to cry when I came home from school over art class because everything I did turned out awful. I had years ago resigned myself to the idea that art was just not for me and now here's this teacher telling me I'm talented? WTF?

Well, I thanked her and took my bookmark back and went back to reading. When class was over she asked me to stay back a moment to talk.

She apologized for embarassing me (she must have seen the mortified look on my face earlier) and asked if I was able to draw other animals like cats and dogs and birds. I told her I could and then she asked if I would be interested in designing the altar cloth for the annual Feast of St Francis of Asissi mass later that month. You see, every year at school for St Francis' feast day we had a big mass outdoors-weather permitting-and we were allowed to bring our pets to be blessed since it is said that St Francis was beloved by all animals. This mass was a big deal and the altar cloth in general is a big deal and I had just been asked to design it.

I, of course, accepted the offer. Long story short, the altar cloth turned out great and was a fitting addition to the mass and I got lots of compliments on it.

My work isn't perfect. Some might debate whether or not it's even good(hell I debate that on a daily basis lol). There are scores of people out there better than me and that's fine. But I like my drawings for the most part. They're simple, straight forward and most importantly they let me put the people and things I see in my head onto paper--whether its purpose is to show you what someone looks like or just to capture an emotion or expression, what I draw is the bridge between my imagination and reality and it was the first thing I was ever really good at.

And it's all because I accidentally dropped my book mark and the right person picked it up.
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