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What This Nerd Girl is Thankful For  
11:35am 04/11/2011
Cats on Mars
So on Facebook everybody’s doing this 30 days of thankfulness thing and all I see is stuff like family, friends and sappy stuff like that. You know what I’M thankful for?

I'm thankful for shit like Death Star PR.
Because Alderaan probably deserved it.

Or, more specifically, Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus.  No mercy indeed.

Megaman and the fact that Hollywood has never tried to make a Megaman movie             
Because this is what we'd probably end up with and NOBODY wants that.  I actually kind of hate myself for finding and using this image... but whatever.

Josh Groban

Golden voiced angel sent down from heaven to deliver platinum albums unto us, singer of Kanye's Tweets, comedic genius and adorable... even when he's making weird faces he's adorable.

Also this:

I also cannot go on a date with you because I'm married, but mostly because you're not Josh Groban. 

The Clone Wars

Run away with me, Rex...I don't care if you're not Josh Groban 

Nyan Cat

If this doesn't make you at least smile there is something wrong with you and you should worry. 

Our action/collectible figure collection

Oh Kotobukiya... I'm pretty sure my husband and I could singlehandedly keep you guys in business.

 And fianlly Doctor Who, Totoro and just about anything Studio Ghibli makes, Coffee, the number 42, thinkgeek.com, Lolcats, wasabi and sriracha peas and the fact that Winry hasn't killed Ben in his sleep... yet...

You should all be thankful for these things too because these are the things that keep me from going off the deep end and taking you and all the things YOU'RE thankful for with me.

Cheers :)

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04:57pm 04/11/2011 (UTC)
The Princess of Seyruun: Lucky Star - Kagami/Tsukasa freak out
Nyan cat! Probably the only thing this non-cat individual can take. >D

I don't know how 30-day things work on Facebook like they do on Live Journal. D:
picword: Lucky Star - Kagami/Tsukasa freak out
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06:20pm 04/11/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars
On facebook people just post an item they are thankful for a day.
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