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Halloween 2011  
01:41pm 01/11/2011
Cats on Mars
Halloween at our house was another great success! I made a big pot of spiced apple cider and a plate of chocolate Han Solos to snack on, set up the grave yard and the luminaries outside and then all the nieces and nephews came over for trick or treat and afterward stayed for some pizza. It was a wonderful time.

Our costumes also went over wonderfully with everyone again.  I
wound up scaring a lot of little kids with mine.  It wasn't intentional,
mind you, but these things happen.  BUT on the plus side, just as many
kids recognized our costumes and thought they were really cool.  One kid
even called Ben's costume epic.  I thought it was too.  It was made
entirely of cardboard and that in and of itself is impressive.  I think it really turned out great.  See?

Ben in his cardboard ARC trooper armor

Here's a close up of my Asajj Ventress costume

Here's Ben with our nephews. TJ is a Jedi (I sewed his costume as well) and Sammy as Captain Rex

here's the whole family. From right to left: Me as Ventress, Sammy as
Rex, Ben as ARC trooper, TJ as a Jedi, Andy (bro-in-law) as Pooh Bear,
Claire as Mini-Pooh, Mary as a cheerleader, Abey as Captain Underpants
and her 2 friends as Princess and Underpants Sidekick

of course no Halloween is complete without my nephew Owen. This year he
was Charlie Brown Ghost and his dad went as Linus (complete with
Welcome Great Pumpkin sign)

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06:02pm 01/11/2011 (UTC)
The Princess of Seyruun: Fairy Tail - Little!Laxus
Such awesome costumes! Wish my Halloween this year was as exciting. D:
picword: Fairy Tail - Little!Laxus
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06:30pm 01/11/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars: big grin
Thank you :) Ben and I tend to really go all out for Halloween. It's our Christmas lol.
picword: big grin
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