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Who Invited the Old Chick?  
04:10pm 30/10/2011
Cats on Mars
Are there any adults out there who like Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Anyone at all?

All the fan pages and stuff I come by seem to be populated with nothing but 14-year-olds --which is fine. I mean, duh... that's the average age of the fanbase. And it's cool to pop in on their discussions from time to time but when I want to talk about the serious stuff like the ethics of a Clone army they're not the ones I want to do it with.

Primarily I've been wanting to discuss the new Jedi character Pong Krell who is, for all intents and purposes, a total asshole who treats the clones like lifeless bits of property but it's really hard to get a point across when everyone is all "OMG he's so mean! He yelled at Rex!" or "Holy shiz! 2 double bladed lightsabres! KEWL!"

And I'm like, yes he yelled at Rex and he sucks but that's not why. He sucks because while he yells, he also talks down to the clones and he dehumanizes them by calling them by their numbers instead of names while treating them like tireless, disposable THINGS and not people.

Part of me wants to add these things to their discussion, as out of place as they seem, in hopes that maybe one of them will actually see that it's actually a pretty deep show and more than cool guys with guns and lightsabres (and at the same time teach them a bit about ethics and human rights because it is an excellent exercise in each).

But then again I may just be the old chick reading too deep into things.

Also, as a side note, tumblr is a huge disappointment. It's nothing of substance and just people reblogging other people's stuff... and the stuff isn't even significant half the time. It's just a bunch of images and gifs and stuff.
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11:17am 31/10/2011 (UTC)
The Princess of Seyruun: K-ON! - Don't say lazy Mio
Finally, someone who does NOT like Tumblr!

I refuse to join as I don't see what's so special about it. Almost everybody I know has one and they all say it's addicting. But I'll always love my LJ.
picword: K-ON! - Don't say lazy Mio
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04:10pm 04/11/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars
Like woekitten says below, it's just full of lazy blogging and .gifs. I got it because it seemed to be easier to post pics and stuff to it, but LJ has updated it's capabilities and now it's not so much of a chore to insert images anymore.
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02:24pm 02/11/2011 (UTC)
Dance Floor Exhaustion
Yeah, as I said before, Tumblr is full of the laziest kind of blogging, and it annoys me. I don't really want to read a bunch of reblogs and look at a bunch of .gifs.

Most of my personal blogging goes on LJ, and at this stage in my life, I don't really care who sticks around to read it.
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04:08pm 04/11/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars
I got a tumblr because one of my really good friends sort of migrated over there but, wow, I mean... so much crap. Granted every now and again I find some pretty sweet Megaman fan art... so there is that, I guess lol.
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