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Costume Party!!!!!!!!!  
06:40pm 28/10/2011
Cats on Mars
Well the company costume party was today. I went as Asajj Ventress from The Clone Wars and my buddy Josh went as Boba Fett. Both our costumes are entirely home made. I'm very proud of this one. It turned out great!

Here's a pic of Ventress in case you're not familiar with her

And here's everyone in our department who dressed up.

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08:13am 29/10/2011 (UTC)
The Princess of Seyruun: My Little Pony - CMC heart-eyes
You're all so adorable! =D

(What do you do at work again...?)
picword: My Little Pony - CMC heart-eyes
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01:09pm 29/10/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars
I work for a hospital bed/equipment company and when a hospital needs one of our beds I basically document the bed use-- when it was delivered, removed, if it needed repaired etc.
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