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I am disappoint  
04:23pm 16/10/2011
Cats on Mars
So I'm thinking, "Hey, there seems to be a severe lack of images of Rex without his helmet." Wow, self, you're right. I bet we could find some though if we searched hard enough. "Sweet! Let's do this thing!" *logs onto deviant art* Ooh better set safe search filters. Rule 34 and all that.

And click. Click. Click. ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick. Hey that' one's okay. "We're not here for 'okay, soldier!'"ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick

Goddamn, Self... this all sucks! Self? Self? *looks to see something managed to slip past the filters* OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD AVERT YOUR EYES! TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES! CLOSE THE BROWSER! ABORT MISSION I REPEAT ABORT MISSION!!!!!!

*closes browser* Self... are you okay? Do I need to get the eye bleach? Self? "*rocks back and forth in the fetal position* Why... why... would someone draw that??????" I don't know Self. Are you okay? "He's not a sexy character... why...would someone...." No, no Self, he is... not like THAT though.... in a weird rode-hard-and-put-away-wet sort of way... but that was just an awful image.... *Pats self on the head* It's okay, though. Let's drink away the pain together. "*sniffles* Okay."


This seems to be the running theme for when I look for any kind of fan art. When I search for fan art there is something specific I want to find. In this instance I want to find images of Rex sans helmet. Hoooo lord... Deviant Art.... I.... I should actually just stop being surprised at the crap that's on there. It's like either the art is total crap (bad figure drawing and just over all bad composition and execution) or just.... well.... I don't want to bring it up again... Self is still shaking a little. But it's like the really good stuff is not depicting what I'm looking for and what I'm looking for all sucks.

I mean I guess I could take matters into my own hands and draw what I'm looking for myself but honestly it's not very satisfying. I know that might sound kind of odd but in my opinion it's kind of like throwing yourself your own party. Sure it's fun and you might have a good time but in the end you just kind of wish someone else had done it instead.

Oh well. As usual, Deviant Art I am disappoint.
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01:37am 17/10/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars
There we go... a little booze takes the sting away lol! I bet it is just as frustrating with writing as well-- being told to just do it yourself. Sighs indeed.
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