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Dirty 30  
12:09pm 08/10/2011
Cats on Mars
Yesterday I turned 30.

It was awesome.

Ben got me just so many thoughtful gifts-- like a cake with Zero on it, a 9ft long scarf from the Tom Baker era Doctor Who, a Totoro bento and wallet, a Priss figure with transforming Moto Slave (from Bubblegum Crisis)....and just so so much more.

Then he managed to set up a Skype call with me and Emanuela over in Florence which was great! And speaking of Emanuela, once again she has out done herself with my birthday card which features all the Omegas. Love it.

Then we had the most epic party ever. So many people showed up and there as food and drinking and tons of fun. Owen got a hold of Ben's Captain Rex helmet and was running around with it on... I really wish I would have gotten a photo of that. It was adorable.

Everything was great. Perfect to be honest. Between the well wishes from everyone, the gifts and the party it was all much more than I deserve.

So I'm 30. 30 rocks.
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05:07pm 08/10/2011 (UTC)
The Princess of Seyruun: My Little Pony - Pinkie/Fluttershy/Twili
Happy Birthday! :D

I don't turn 30 for another three years. =3
picword: My Little Pony - Pinkie/Fluttershy/Twili
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02:07am 12/10/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars
Thanks! Enjoy the last bit of your 20's! ;)
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04:15am 09/10/2011 (UTC)
Dance Floor Exhaustion
I don't think I got a chance to wish you a happy birthday, so...happy birthday!
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02:06am 12/10/2011 (UTC)
Cats on Mars
Haha! Thanks :)
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